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Every history is a catalogue of stories knitted by various players to paint a true picture of what actually happened in time past or to report a narrative when chronological approach is deployed.

“Biafra. It means different things to different people. But this is better than it ever being without meaning. Evokes different passions in different quarters. But this is better than it ever evoking nothing. Stimulates different conversations in different places. But this is better than it ever being covered in silence. We must remember. For its lessons are legion, and its capacity to inspire the worst, yes, but also the best in us is eternal. So, let the narratives flourish, from left, right and centre, till we find our peace. This is the task to which Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi – with Ozoemena! ­­– has lent his pen. In deed, ozoemena.”

Dike Chukwumerije
CEO, Simply Poetry || Author, Urichindere

In the book, Ozoemena, the poet employed literary devices while evoking emotions with relevant imageries thereby questioning the mind of the readers and bridging the gap between humanity and rascality. This book will paint you a new picture about life and humanity and the ability to face situations from the human point of view and not from the point of being apathetic.

On this note, I will implore every young girl and boy, man and woman, and even the elderly to download this book, Ozoemena, and join in the conversation. If I remain quiet in a place where I know my thoughts will help to boost the concern of the people by way of intellectual push, history will judge me.

The ball is now your court to do the needful by downloading and referring your friends to this link too.

under the sheets

Also available for download on Okadabooks: bit.ly/38yUYU5

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