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A dramatic poem that majors on the value of women in the society. The poem talks on how women give away their respect for feelings that sounded real. The poem admonishes women to know their worth and tread safely in a value system.

Janet James

He said: your feet has brought you here for no reason
She said: your gaze my gaze!
He said: yes, And your gaze met mine!

She said: How dare you question my coming?
My desires were your desires
My tears were your pains
My body lain as your centre of pleasures
Why has our secret bonds of love
Die in scorn of silence

He said:Those were times of tale
I didn’t forsee the wrong intertwine of our souls
Regrets keep flooding my heart
And my love detest now detest your love
Times can’t change
And! So lies my decision.

She said with painful tears:Tell me, oh tell me!
What right do you have?
Answer me
What right do you have to affluence
The serene beauty of my heart?

under the sheets

He said turning to meet her gaze:yes!!! What about that
You gave your heart to me
My shade of love has subjected your heart
I release you from that prison
Break the bond that ever existed.
And free yourself from this bondage.

she said: How can my soul free itself free
From a life it grew to be
My school days served you
I acted the role of a wife
Your bed was graced by me
Your room was beautified by me
Your stomach was filled with my fingers
My grades wobbled after your love
Lectures skipped for your love
My finance exhausted for your upkeep
Was it all a sacrifice of waste?

He said: you called it a sacrifice???
Don’t you dare bring me down the memory lane
You assumed the role of a wife
Clothes you never lacked
Your outfit reigned glamourously
You named me your pride
Which gave me access to your laps
And that laps…
Was opened to my bossom friend…

She said fully enraged: you are the moth
That consumes the grape.
The intertwine of our soul
has broken today!
My soul curses your effontry
My soul hates your deception
I was raped by your friend
And you knew…
My womb is destroyed
Due to the constant flushing
Of a tarnished image
Who is a victim of circumstance.
May peace never visit your compound.
He said : None is my portion, empty barrel.
Before you cast an evil eye
Please vacate this premises
For I await my bride
Whose life is her pride
The tale of her past is honourable.
Her virginity is newly precious
Her character is blameless
She is a woman of dreams
She is a woman of values
She is a woman of passions
But who are you bitch?

She said : You moulded me to nothing
I will mould myself to something
May mother earth bless you
With curses that has no remedy
He said: Adedunke… My love
where are you?
Adedunke : Here I am… Monster
A man in form of a beast
How dare you do this?
To the pride of womanhood

He said: she battered the pride of womanhood
Not me…
Your arrival wasn’t announced
Adedunke: It doesn’t need to be announced
You never told me your past
It is over between us
He said: you can’t do this to me
Adedunke: you will never find peace…
He said: our wedding is just three days to go
Don’t leave me to scorn
I love youuuuuuu, pleasssssssss
Adedunke: it is over…
He shouts: Adedunkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Precious Amaechi on

    This is about the best poem I’ve read since this year began!, It’s profundity is enthralling!

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