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Cheers to
The random excitements
Enchanting smiles
Never ending peace
Damn, I feel my heart is at ease.
But how true is this?

The night is bright but lonesome.
The gorgeous low moon serenades the earth
My heart goes silly
feeling better in disguise.

Well, I know you have so many unanswered questions,
And you’ve been on this quest on
But hey,
I’m here to answer every why
And I’m here to flush out every lie.
In what you’ve never heard,
I’ll open your eyes and expose you to many possibilities in the wild.

But listen, you
Children of the future age,
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time,
Peace, sweet peace, was thought a crime.

under the sheets

In the age of gold,
Far from winter’s cold,
Youth and maiden bright,
To the holy light,
Naked in the sunny beams of delight.

Sweet Peace, where do you dwell? I humbly crave,
Let me once know.
I sought you in a secret cave,
And ask’d, if Peace were there.

This was not from our forefathers.
Now I’ll write for father’s.
It gladdens my heart to write to you.

Oh peace!
Hear a troubled heart write about you,
In a country of guns, swords, and cattle.
In a state of short leaders with hot tempers,
in a local restaurant that only serves razor soups and harmless vipers.
I’ll still talk about you.
To many, you’re their acquired wealth,
And to others, their health.
You relate differently to us human beings.
We seek your peace.

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I'm a punographer. I'm tall dark and beautiful. A boy child advocate. I'm not a preacher of love.

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