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This year, POEMIFY PUBLISHERS will be publishing the winners’ manuscript in softcopy for free download to all readers, and hardcopies will be sent along with the certificate of award and participation to the authors in their respective places of residence. We received a large number of entries for our poetry chapbook series this year. Our judges; Iwu Jeff and Opia-Enwemuche Onyemaechi Maxwell, chose the longlist. The goal of this prize is to give literary support to budding poets who are willing to publish their works. We thank you for sharing your thought-provoking works. Hearty congratulations to everyone who made the list. We hope to see your brilliant works in subsequent chapbook prizes.


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi is a master storyteller, a poet and a novelist who loves adventure, culture and uphold God. His poem, The gods are Angry was listed in the anthology, Footmarks: Poems on One Hundred Years of Nigeria’s Nationhood. His poems was also listed in the Anthology, Libations for Nigeria. He has written a full-length novel, The Oracle of Isieke which is available on Okadabooks. He is a recipient of the maiden edition prize of Festival Poetry Calabar held annually in Calabar. He is currently working on a collection of stories.

Iwu Jeff ( Iwuchukwu Jephta) is an award-winning writer who has written in the three genres of literature – poetry, drama and prose. His works have gained homes in different Anthologies and online publication.

Thoughts On The Contest

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this submission. It was such an awesome moment to read and select the best works. I need to be really sincere as there where many excellent works submitted. The chapbook editors Iwu Jeff and Opia-Enwemuche Onyemaechi Maxwell selected two (2) best manuscripts out of the top four (4). I think that is impressive.The editors are so pleased with the amount of submissions received, and hope next year submissions should be more impressive. Each editor shows some light review on the winners’ manuscript.

under the sheets

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I am highly impressed by the work of Poemify Publishers in organising contest as beautiful as this inorder to empower the Nigerian creative youth and to make them have their voice heard by the world. This creative literary initiative is good as it will help young writers to improve their skills and opportunities of being published in the literary market.  I am proud to of this and I feel honoured to be granted the opportunity to participate in the selection. Having read the entries sent to me,  I must say that the entrants (the poets)  are great— great in the selection of motifs and styles used in bringing their emotions into measure. I love the fact that they all tell stories in their entries— Africa is a land of stories and our writers are great storytellers. The beauty of their works brought me into the middle of a sea where I almost became lost while trying to make my selection.  Kudos to the poets for submitting such treasurable pieces. However, since I am asked to make a selection of the top two entries,  I am pleased to select these collections: ‘ALAGEMO’ (1st) and ‘SEASHELLS (2nd)  as my top two entries. Being that the four poets sent to me did wonderfully well in their works, one that that caught my attention to the already listed collections in the uniqueness of the poets in their work.  The two poets are able to use unique style of their own in presenting their stories.  I also enjoyed the fact that these poets presented their works like narratives, exploring the various experiences of African with a fusion of Africanness— their language and style. For me, Alagemo and Seashells have my selection, their flow in their narratives and their manipulative use of works and African language gives them a unique style. Thank you for honouring me with this.  – Iwu Jeff.

Winners of The Pengician Poetry Chapbook Prize, 2021


Isaiah, Adepoju (Nigeria)

Runner Up
Nkasiobi Mbonu (Nigeria)

Winners’ Biography

Adepoju Isaiah – Winner

Isaiah, Adepoju: Adepoju Isaiah Gbenga is a teen poet writing from Osun State. He/him/his, liking his vision of attaining an extraordinary point with his poetry. He works as an intern for the International Model of The United Nations. Click here to download Adepoju,s chapbook.

Nkasiobi Mbonu
Nkasiobi Mbano – Runner Up

Nkasiobi Mbonu: Nkasiobi Mbonu is a scientist, photography and poet currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. She aims at telling beautiful in artistic forms. Her work has been published on ChannelsTV, Guardian LifeMag, and other websites. Click here to download Adepoju,s chapbook.

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