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For Ogechukwu

& love came, calling me her saviour
But in a return for this name;
I told her that; I am a lost child.
I lost my way to love when I couldn’t care enough.

& with her hands crossed over her mouth;
She called me uninhabited land of pains
Where thorns are grown up to scourge,
& to kill the roses underneath the shrubs.

& so, I looked up at the face of this love,
Bruises, the hide and seek of yesterday
They are all visible before every one of her words,
I mean, those she spoke to allure me perhaps.

& So, I now know what a sad happenstance
I am becoming in the house of grief with love
Where my shadow prom with every lyric
Those playing in & outside of my heart & arteries

under the sheets

But who could believe that it once said;
I am her saviour from the beginning of time
In this emptied space called our earth
But in time for this, I am now her death

Where was this saviour in the clothing of a boy
Where was the first word she uttered by
In that which she calls loving you to the end,
Was loving to kill and never being tolerant?

About The Authur:

John Chinaka Onyeche “Rememberajc” (he/his) is an author of three poetry collections “Echoes Across The Atlantic”, a husband, father, and poet from Nigeria. He writes from the city of Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria. He is currently a student of History and Diplomatic Studies at Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Port Harcourt Rivers State. John Chinaka can be reached through the following means: Rememberajc.wordpress.com Facebook.com/jehovahisgood, Twitter.com/apostlejohnchin.

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