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anytime, I hear home,
I think of a little girl
spilling blood inside her panties,
when she touches her skin,
she swears that a wound
is the mother of all pains.

ask a mouth what peace means,
it’ll tell you that it’s a foot longing
to come home.

in Shehuri, every woman
wears the tongue of journalists
documenting the voices of loss
like fire, their eyes
burn to flames of blindness.
like a woven glass, their names
break into a box of widows.

when you throw your eyes
into the night,
you’ll see darkness fabricating bodies
into bomb vests,
blasting the breath running inside a nose.
you’ll see men in black
holding guns, shooting silence
out of a room.

under the sheets

in this poem, i must write an elegy,
for a boy who snatched a bomb
inside a mosque,
and ran to wear it on his body,
exploding his dreams,
dying for his people,
hoping that in tomorrow
Shehuri will answer peace.

his mother will remove her scars
and smile,
the trees in his father’s backyard
will birth fruits of freedom,
how he wishes, on that day
he’ll sit there and watch
the birds come to pluck the fruits,
as they sing the songs of peace
into the ears of his sister.

he’s certain that pure waters
will wash every piece of doubt
on his face.

he’ll remember the flowers
he planted at the borders of Shehuri,
he knew that his people will watch them
bloom into a Haven,
a peaceful garden on earth.


Shehuri – A place in Maiduguri, Borno State.

About The Author:

Yahuza Abdulkadir is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is a member of the Hill-top Creative Arts Foundation. His works are published in Poemify Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Kalahari Review, Konya Shams Rumi, Opinion Nigeria and others. Yahuza loves poetry like the love of a mother for her child.

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