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The Calling

The darkness is calling
I feel myself free falling
Into the abyss that’s awaiting
To welcome my soul hating

It generously fills me up
As I drink from this toxic cup
Of bitter and painful memories
As I recall all those enemies
Who stabbed me in the back
Because I wasn’t expecting their attack

The darkness wants them all
To hurt them till their tears fall
Like rain to water the seeds
Of their dirty, hidden deeds

The Light is always shining
And it quiets the relentless whining
Of the darkness that seeks to put right
Those rigged and unfair fights

under the sheets

The temptation is always there
To seek what is just and fair
And to give them a taste of their share
Of the pain they wrapped up as care
I choose to hand it all over to source
Because I trust in this way, of course
That the pain I give over will mutate
into blessings that can never equate
To all the pain and all the hate
Now as I watch it harmlessly dissipate
I am grateful for choosing my peaceful fate…
And so it is.

About The Author:

Heidi Hahn is an avid reader turned writer and poetess. Words and books have always been her dearest and closest friends. She’s grateful to share this love of reading through her writings from the heart.

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