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Life and death are pathways to peace.
Life through death & death from life.
Both of them, I give you in abundance.

In life and in death, there is peace.
Peace that lacks measure, border & meter
I give in full to thy troubled soul.

From nature, I formed you.
Made you a body of art &
clothed you with natural beauty.

By my name have I called you
Royalty. A king & Priest set at rest
forever at my holy altar.

This day, I look down on you from heaven.
Can you see my face?
I’m smiling on you through the sun.


When the ocean raged
& the tempest beat severely my body,

When the ship which I sailed got thrown
here & there, in & out of the turbulent sea
& there was no lighthouse to guide me back to shore

When the basin of my ship hit an iceberg, water began to fill
my ship & I started to sink, little by little

I laid off my load to appease Osun
& to make my ship light so that it remained afloat

I paid, as sacrifices, all that I had labored for
in the year that was rounding up.

Yet, my sacrifices weren’t by Osun as water
 covered my boat & I clinched on for dear life.

In my troubles, with heavy heart, I bent my knees
softly to the ground, carried the one who slept unperturbed
in the cabin of my ship & threw him into the ocean.
& At once, the raging ceased & peace filled my world once again.

Osun, also spelled Oshun, an orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.


(And the people of Biafra)

When I woke up not to
find Christine by my side,
It became clear to me that
my country’s people had
slumped into dark days
and this country didn’t belong we.
That hell had broken loose –
the Armageddon had begone
and heaven was on the lose.

under the sheets

About The Author:

Boluwatife leads The Mild Celebrity Writer Company. He’s a Nigerian creative writer, playwright, and poet with published works and features on several platforms. He writes to find balance as he shuffles through life’s trials, real life, wonderland, and after-life experiences. Writing is the therapy for the pleasures and pains he experiences from these realities. And he hopes it works for everyone that reads his art. Bolu is a student at the University of Ibadan, where he is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Aside from being a writer, he is also an audio engineer and a social change advocate. Bolu writes from the suburb of Ibadan and is the author of From Everest, a poetry collection.

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