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Poemify Publishers

If you are looking for publishing that takes your individual tastes into consideration, while delivering professional service, then you are at the right place, because we have a range of publishing packages – modifiable at every author’s request.

We are a global publisher bringing you the best selection of books from talented young African writers. Publishing your dream book through Poemify Publishers means you are choosing affordability and convenience. We offer high quality printing, publishing and marketing solutions for independent African authors across the world.

Our services include Publishing, Book layout and Design, Cover Design, Editing, Proofreading, ISBN Assignment, Book Printing, Book Distribution, Marketing, Manuscript Assessment as well as Digital Conversion, and Digital Publishing Services.

We stock and make available a variety of titles from different authors and publishers so that booklovers can order from our store, Poemify Bookstore.

We ensure that a variety of books are consistently placed in numerous partner stores for easy access and purchase. We also provide direct sales and delivery services to clients who order our books online. We are here to help you place your book in the hands of your readers. Peruse our packages to start your publishing journey with us.


JASPER (Anthology Package)


  • Editing Cover Design (front cover & 3D samples)
  • Compilation, Book Layout & Design
  • Download Link Issuance
  • ISBN Issuance
  • Upload on • eBookr • Okadabooks • Amazon
  • Promotions on Social Media
  • Listing on social media
For Print Packages Click Here
GOLD (Standard Package)


  • Editing Cover Design (front cover & 3D samples)
  • Compilation, Book Layout & Design
  • Full Cover & 3D samples
  • ISBN Issuance
  • Download Link Issuance
  • Upload on • eBookr • Okadabooks • Amazon
  • E-mail Push Notifications
  • Promotions on Social Media
  • Listing on social media

Each of all packages comes with additional perks like FREE
book reviews, interviews, adverts and other value-added services, because
publishing for us is a journey of two – author and publisher.



A book’s number of pages is a major factor determining publishing cost. Every additional page potentially increases cost. Author’s seeking paperback publishing should be conscious of this is preparing their manuscripts. For chapbooks, the maximum number of pages permitted is 40 (forty) only.



We provide free proofreading and layout services for all books submitted for publication. However, this only applies to manuscripts previously edited. Raw first drafts will be billed for editing before publishing fees are charged.



Books with coloured graphics and images in the inner pages cost more to produce. Authors should either put all images together in a section or consider black-and-white images if they have to use them but have cost concerns. This affects only paperback publishing.

Other Services

ISBN Issuance

We can help you get your International Standard Book Number for ebooks and hardcopies.

Web Design

You’re an author/business/startup in need of a budget-friendly website to help grow your fan base. We are a business-minded designer ready to show your book to the world.

Book Marketing

Get your books across to the right audience and make huge sales via our book marketing services.

Poemify Bookstore

Premium books with up to 70% off, together with free books.

Opas Fedas Poetry Concert

We are the sponsors of Aba’s first poetry concert, Opas Fedas. We’ll keep you updated of recent events.

Book Reviews

We have a team of reviewers ready to give your book a boost with thrilling reviews.