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Together, our imprints publish a wide variety of genres from adult fiction to childrens titles.


Pengician is our flagship imprint. Here we want to bring new, exciting authors and their work to readers everywhere. Only for poetry books that either entertain or educate.

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are here to guide new authors through the, sometimes perplexing, publishing process.


With our Akaraka imprint, we aim to publishing thrilling children stories in books that will last a lifetime. From fiction to nonfiction illustrations and anything kiddies.

If you think you have that thrilling story idea, please read our submissions guidelines.


Our Yagazie imprint is strictly for adults only. No submissions will be accepted from anyone under the age of eighteen.

If you have a story to arouse our interest, titillate our adult readers or fascinate a fetishist – fiction or non-fiction – then this is the imprint for you.

All content, however explicit, should be written within the law.

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