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how can one smile, such sweet smiles,
that made my sadness travels away miles, & say to me don’t frown,
there’s a reason to smile,
imagine how a smile is,
how shaped your mouth look,
that even your teeth know,
now you’re smiling.

smile to let go of stress,
in a moment of fortune & moment of misfortune as well,
it makes you fine, look
did you see the flower power your teeth, when you smile?
there was no color, for your smile
makes you an angel,
to smile is never a crime.

even if it is,
my smile would give you a reason to laugh,
it’s not a magic nor a tragedy,
to let out a smile to the world,
just smile
not so much is there to be lost can wear at any time,
indeed there’s a power in every smile & a reason to always smile.

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