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There is hardly any existing entity without a history. This is to Africans who are truly Africans. This is to our African heritage.

Bright and blue
The sky was such a view
The surrounding ambience was always safe and gay
Beckoning youths to come out and play
In front of their cabins, unashamed mothers perched
Their breasts were usually in their babes’ mouths for hunger to be quenched
Busy were the fathers’ hoes
And in farmlands, rice grew in many rows
The store was always filled with more than enough
And abundant was our African turf
Laws were eternally kept
Outlaws were not left
And for that, such things were unheard
That a maid was forced to bed
Our African soil was thus
In perfect harmony, we lived without a fuss
Upon a foreign arrival
We sought new recipes for survival
We forgot our laws
And we began to pursue a different cause
Most of our people became enslaved
Some of us were being saved
Our necks, holy beads adorned
Our unity got torn, we became scorned
Now, we cry: “Save us all!”
“Rescue is for all!”


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  1. Avatar photo
    Daniel Singfuri Yohanna on

    This piece reminisce took me away to a time when women respect their men and men honour their women. Thus children always respect their parents too…

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