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The poem portraits the escalation of insecurity In the north, ranging from incessant killings and kidnappings.

Musa Jemilah

What do you know

About incessant killings?

About the grief they conceal

The nostalgia they shield
About experiencing death,

under the sheets

What do you understand about a thread?
About countless bodies covered in shroud?
Of blood splattered into…
..Every nook,
Every cranny,
Every home?

What do you know
About pains snuggled up in fears,
Families… seperated … from you?

What do you know about the children orphaned?
Of hostile childhood
Of defeated people
Of depressed adults with untamed dreams
What do you know
…about the world erupting
To your face?..

To the repetitive beats of gunshots
Of hoping to disappear
Of dying within again and again
Of shadows
Of a ghost?

How do you feel
About losing
Of an entire family
Cursing… your own

What do you know
About the battle to fetch justice…
About power,
About government that
Never stands and act but rants?

Tell your Lord of all these
Tell Him your voyage on gloomy days
Gradually lurking to sinister
Briskly and into extinguishing..

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