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//Self-portrait As A Metaphor For A New Beginning//

when threnodies are documented,
dreams for a new beginning become a flickery light in
the impenetrable black, blank night but for poems.

but for the birds that nestle in your
throat while you fall asleep. i wrote all of these poems,
breathed them life, pushed them into the wind,

and made them fly because i am here.
i am home , and i want to wish you one petal from my bouquet
of flowers, a petal that falls upon the earth like a kiss

under the sheets

that descends from invisible heights to
fill voids, voids we have long lived with. let’s stand on our toes
and twirl to the sounds of the waves, let us watch night

run out of darkness, let us feel the world
break open for us. and when this is over, i will tear into the arms
of every morning and steal the deepest of breaths.

my body will blend with the wind and move
lightening from my lover’s eyes to her tongue. i will fill my nosrils
with the delicious smell of Eish Baladi from the bakeries in

Matruh; my teeth will shine brightly at anyone
that looks my way. i will give the warmest of hugs to strangers and
fill my senses with the clarity of a calm river. i will blow the

softest of kisses anyone has ever known. my
skin will hug the rays of the sun and when the cold winds come
it will not complain. i have learned to vanquish loneliness

and brittle the tower of grief into swabs, into
shards, so once the iron gates are open, once these wild, wide walls
are brought down, i will live again. so let’s put this memory

on a voyage, let it become even with the setting
sun and drown with the sea, once this is starched in history, you’ll see
a new me and you too will be delivered.
This guest article was submitted by Anonymous .


I am a genre-bending writer from South Western Nigeria. I have works featured or forthcoming at several places, including Spillwords magazine, Brittle Paper, Ice Lolly, Arts Lounge, SprinNG journal, Litround journal, Down in the Dirt, Aayo Magazine, Nanty Greens, Cathartic Review, Northern Otter Press, Konya Shamsrumi, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Confetti, Fterota Logia, Borrowed Solace, OneBlackBoyLikeThat Review, Beatnik Cowboy, Ice Floe press, Ninshar Arts, Terror House Press, Euphoric Musings, Livina Press and elsewhere.

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