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In case you forgot, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. That’s right—the day of love, sappy cards, and dinner dates and a hundred other romantic things.

Whatever your relationship status may be—totally loved up,“it’s complicated,” or terribly single and not seriously searching—Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pick up a lovey-dovey romantic book and really get into the spirit of the holiday, in a literary way.

Whether you’re unpartnered this year, or just want to save some money on your minor holiday celebrations, we’ve got the perfect solution to your problem: books.

For the list below, we’ve picked out chapbooks to read instead of going out for Valentine’s Day, and you can enjoy them to the fullest, with or without a significant other. So get ready to pick up any one of these books and not be able to put it down until you’re done.

under the sheets

Sunshine – a collection of poems, by David C. Victor

SUNSHINE is a nonfiction collection of 59 poems, inspired by the author’s personal love experience. The poems themed on happy-sad moments, vulnerabilities, doubts, questions and the fantasies that comes with love and relationships. And you’d most likely relate to them. The poems were forged from the deepest part of his heart, passing out important messages and vital lessons. Click here to download ‘Sunshine’.

Amina: a collection of poems, by Victoria B. Willie & Jaachi Anyatonwu

Amina: a collection of poems: The authors, Victoria Willie and Jaachi Anyatonwu, defy restrictions set by society and religion and delve deeper in this expression by describing how sweet it feels when their bodies meet and how sweeter it becomes when love is committed unto the hands of Allah in prayer. You’ll be lifting some of the lines of Amina and Ali to make your lover blush all fifty shades, I bet you. Click Here to download ‘Amina’.

Tales From The Heart, by Dindu Vivian

This is a collection of short stories that will enthrall you. And would definitely push your imagination to it’s zenith. They’re interesting and would leave you asking for more. The book is a work of fiction. Characters, places and incidents are the product of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to persons or actual events is coincidental. Click here to download ‘ Tales From The Heart’.

Love Struck Anthology

Love Struck Anthology: POEMIFY PUBLISHERS organised a Valentine/love-themed poetry contest to paint love on the canvas of hearts with poetic lines. After what seemed like endless days of reviews, the top best poems were selected and put together in this anthology. These poets weave their magic and ink poems better than roses on Valentine’s day and kisses on Valentine’s night. Click Here to download ‘Lovestruck’.

Wet Heavens, by Nwankwo Prosper O.

Wet Heavens, a collection of poems

This sizzling chapbook is full of love, sex and romance.  Wet Heavens is a collection of erotic poems authored by Nwankwo Prosper O.

This is how my mind gets silly
When my pen-is heavy and willing
To run nude on pages without courtesy
Unchaining my cerebral prowess in lust for sex

Click here to download ‘Wet Heavens’.

Roses and Violets Anthology

Not an all-romance collection opf poems, but it sure has content that would tickle your love to make that romantic giggle that turns you on (winks). Roses and Violets Anthology: This is to every rose that have rose and fallen at the feet of time, the redness faded from them fills the hearts of poets and poetesses, running through their veins. Inspiring whatever is found in these pages. And to every violet which blueness have been taken violently by time, and blurted to the sky. Every line etched on these pages receives inspiration from. Even like the pyramid of old sipping blessings from the endless of Ra. Click here to download.

Sweetness: a collection of poems, by Jaachi Anyatonwu

Reading SWEETNESS is like snacking on a plate of heart-shaped candies. The language employed in these short delectable verses is simple; and the message is like a kiss-stamp on a pink postcard.

This collection of poems promises to take you on a tour of lyrical beaches to see beautiful sunsets. The imagery is vivid, easily relatable! This book will make you yearn for love and the sweetness of romance. Click here to download ‘Sweetness’.

Tales Of Bliss

Tales of Bliss

Tales Of Bliss is a romance classic carved out from the finest of words and narrating the most intricate details of sexual passion in the sweetest way possible. Click here to download ‘Tales of Bliss’.


The Missing Book of St. Valentine

Love is the lens with which we observe life in order to overcome all its weakness and see the positive sides of everything in a spouse and a friend. It is all encompassing without boundary and excuses as luggage. Click here to get a copy.

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