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This is a poem that talks about unrealistic help. It has four lines. Each of these lines treat a particular thought that one needs to watch out for. Well, at the end of each line, there is an advise one can follow. We can see that, one need to focus on one’s ingenuity and God alone to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Expecting help from people may create aches and frustrations.
Do not be shot by discouragement.

Sorrow has soiled the hope of my soul with wraths
I listen’d to myself conjure foul thoughts,
It’s really stern; I’m now dry like a cistern;
Hatred leads me; obsession quizzes me.

O, my conscience: where is my fate?
I daily live my life like a fugitive in the state.
I rest my fervid head- down in frailty bed;
To hell, to everybody I constantly yell.

God is always true:
He’ll wait for you until you are through.
Most times I’m in a hurry that I forget to say sorry;
This has been my favourite ride; it’s a threat I cannot hide.

under the sheets

Alas, trust none that promises to help!
Lead your life and fall for no one’s yelp.
I live my life to no one’s taste, cos all is a waste;
My life is now mine; cos I daily do more to make it fine.

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