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She had been watching him for months now, after seeing him at her friend’s home party. He was her friend’s fiance. She had smiled satisfactorily after seeing him.

For years, she had been searching for him. Now, she had found him.

She watched as he got out from his car and headed to his apartment. The lights soon shone from his room.
In a while he would go to bed, the light in his room would go off and she would start.

under the sheets

She rubbed her palms together, wore her gloves, lifted her hood, got up from her position and made towards the house.

As she got to the door, she removed a hair pin of hers and picked the door lock. She opened it gently, got in and closed it.

A cozy apartment. He sure had a nice life. She scoffed and made her way to his room. She had been here before, on a day
that he wasn’t around.

He was sleeping, just as she had thought. She gently walked to the other side and picked a lone pillow. He had a book shelf in there. She ran her hands on the books, lazily. Turning to face his sleeping figure, she laid her head against the wall and watched as he slept, peacefully. She wondered how he could. She heaved a sigh and walked to sit on the chair beside his bed, she could see him up close.

A handsome man, no doubt. Her friend’s fiance. Her parents murderer. The man who raped her and her sister. Her younger sister. She had died that night too.

She wondered if he had a worthy excuse for making her life difficult. A worthy excuse for making her live with so much pain.

No, no excuse was enough. She pulled out her gun, positioned it through the pillow and woke him up.

He was startled. Startled to see his fiancee’s friend. The one who had hunted him in his dreams.

She smiled. ‘I’m Anna, daughter to Mr and Mrs Clement whom you murdered seven years ago and raped their daughters. I told you I’d find you’. She got up and chuckled.

The shock on his face was a satisfaction for her. She smirked.

‘How did you get in here?’.

‘Same way you got into our house years ago. I hope you rest in pieces’.

She raised the gun through the pillow, he made to snatch it from her but he was late.

Straight into his heart. Twice. The shock never left his face until the blackness enveloped him.

Jungle justice. She grinned and walked out.

Out with no place left for fear.

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