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This poem explore the phenomenal of love. it resonate with the voice of the speaker who has fallen in this theme. The speaker has layered his joy, love and confession by using metaphors. The poem is primarily concerned about the speaker’s love for woman. He expressed beauty and adorn it for her.

There is a glint in your eyes oozing through
the pores of your healthy skin
& scourging it without repairs.

When boys who walks with their sight slip
through your stony stares the fire
abounding in your melanin skin set them blazing.

Your scent are they hands that cleave towards me
clasping the dagger beneath my chest
to refill my exhaust love for you.

under the sheets

Night is delightful & comely —
so lets go wild tonight.
It’s wonder how you stare inside of me;
keep the euphoria burning.

It will be Christmas in three days time
& the twinkling stars will be ours that even now
you’re a full-grown bloom; the Man in me said
I should be man to stand face to face
with thyme of love for you as our tongue
rallied dementedly bringing my mouth
confession unexpressed.

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Excel Chinagorom Michael is an emerging poet and writer that writes from the suburb area of Aba. It's expected that he reads and scribble an unorthodox poetry and pun in a dynamic pattern on diverse subjects. Having over two hundred and more poems to his name, his work are forth coming. He is fascinated by sports, fashion and music— intended gospel vocalist.

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