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Darkness pervades my every dream,
Blankness is not far from my every sleep,
No longer having the troubling nightmares,
The inspiration for a new story has been hewed out,
No longer having the blissful dreams,
The happiness for a beautiful morning has been wiped out,
No longer in castles with princesses flocking round me,
My sleep is now obscure,
Dreams no longer have a message,
Everything seem so bleak.

High end cymbals,
Wailing timbrels,
Dreams of interesting musicals,
No longer seem to happen,
Myths say this is evil and it’s a misfortune,
And nothing feels darken,
My sleep is now open,
The thought of my soul being darkened,
Keeps me continously frightening,
Emotions tripping,
Every organ in my system seems to be tripling,
Questions about what I should live for keep popping,
The rope keeps hanging,
Life is now hanging,
My dreams are no longer filled with happiness and dances,
Nor the sound of someone wailing,
The nightmares are now switched off,
And the dreams seem to have gone South,
Now my dreams are void and nothing to hope for,
Sweet Sleep and not Dead Sleep is what my tears keep pouring for,
My sleep is now some dark room with no place for an adventure even in detention.

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