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When the rain falls,
it draws a bow in the sky.
Do you see it?

This bow is a seal
to you and your generation.
It’s a peaceful seal.

When the rain washes the earth
it draws this bow in five colours.

1. Orange.
The good Lord looks on you from heaven
Can you see his face? He is smiling through the sun.

under the sheets

2. Indigo
By his name, the good Lord calls you
Royalty. A king and priest set before his holy alter.

3. Green.
From nature, the good Lord formed you
Made you a body of art and clothed you with beauty.

4. Blue.
Peace without measure, border, and metre
He, the good Lord, gives to your troubled soul.

5. Red.
Death by life, Life from death
In abundance, has the good Lord poured on you.

When the rain falls,
it draws a bow in the sky.

Today the rain washed the earth
and there is a bow in the sky.
Can you see it?

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