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The Boy Child and the Mystery of Masturbation (1)

Every boy child is a puzzle, a riddle, a mystery, an enigma, and a whole lot of things that need to be deciphered each time. A boy child is not a simple equation to be solved or treated mentally without any physical or tactical approach. Not all boys come as curves and in various forms that need to be straightened like an addict on rehabilitation. There’s a lot of work to be done for our boy children to have a better society in the future to dwell in. Do you know that a lot of these boys struggle with personality disorders? Whichever category you can identify with [you reading this as a boy child], know that you’re not alone in this journey seeking your true self. A lot has passed through your current situation as a dead end or a cul de sac where visibility of light at the end of the road is impossible.

Apart from smoking hard drugs, I see masturbation as an addiction that has taken hold of the boy child and youths in general. It has affected the boy child more like a pandemic. It goes hand in hand with pornography. Do you know that self-gratification abuses the law of nature? Anything or any act that abuses the law of nature is not a good signal for a growing child. The boy child who indulges in this act, if not properly guided and counselled with the right words, may become a shadow of himself tomorrow. This is because every jerk off from ejaculation reduces the boy’s self-esteem and his strength gradually as a growing child. Masturbation is a killer! Let no one , not even television evangelists adorned in expensive suits here and there, tell you otherwise. Your bodies are temples of God, and they are meant to be kept clean, holy, sanctified, and fit for the work of God.

How do one extricate oneself from this mess called masturbation?

To salvage this hydra-headed spirit that has overtaken that boy child by holding him bound to the world of masturbation, we must adopt the P.E.A.C.E approach and observe carefully how the boy child in question can be helped to attain his original state of creation. This state is in the realm of dominion on earth .

P-ray for the boy Child

There’s absolutely nothing that prayer cannot do. It repairs broken hearts; it transforms humans into better versions of themselves; and above all, it strengthens the one who gives and the one that receives. The Holy Book assuages in James 5:16b that “the effectual prayer of a fervent man [woman] availeth much.” There’s no point trying to expend one’s energy on what the supernatural can do for one. All that’s required from an individual is his commitment, and God will take it up from there and do His quick work.

under the sheets

E-ngage the boy child in a heart to heart real life conversation

Communication is key in any relationship if the best in the life of a boy child is to be accessed. Real terrible situation of masturbation should be counselled into turning a new leaf and accept the new version of themselves. Nothing good happens outside the body if the inside is not treated. Like a wound that deserves absolute treatment, masturbation should not be left to linger. Do you know that this act begins like a cancer cell literally and starts spreading by eating up the emotions of the individual being affected with the ultimate aim of enslavement. Yes, you heard me right, enslavement!


A-ccept that there’s a challenge to be overcome through the best approach available.

Violent behaviour has never been the best approach to dealing with psychological issues like masturbation. The thought pattern of the boy child needs to be tailored towards a positive vibration and energy. By so doing, he starts to unlearn negative attitudes, traits, and other terrible acts capable of undermining his true identity as a super child who wants to add value to himself and society at large. This process is called rehabilitation for the positive overhauling of the faulty system. 

C-are is needed all the way.

Try as much as you can to never judge anyone caught in the act of masturbation. Ignorance, unforeseen circumstances, or even peer pressure may be the underlying causes of this ugly case. Care should be taken to guide these young boys back on track and make them see the dangers inherent in this bitter-sweet addiction. Do you know that an addiction can alter the normal thought pattern of any boy child including an adult who feels he has come of age? Imagine a boy child being controlled by his unguarded emotions. He must jerk off at least five to six times per day in order to be satisfied. This is absolutely insane, preposterous, and uncanny. Permit me to say that such a life is heading for the rocks and urgent attention is needed to savage the situation before it becomes malignant. 

It may interest you to know that many young boys have taken this queer act as a lifestyle and there’s a large followership base online and offline. This trend must stop if we don’t want to die at old age regretting what we should have done better for the boys of today to grow up into better men and husbands.

E-ntreat them to change others

A notorious criminal can easily convince a fellow criminal of the ills of his crime. A repentant terrorist can easily talk down a fellow terrorist from detonating a bomb at a particular target. A scholar can easily relate to a fellow scholar using the right terminology. The book of John 1:12 says, “as many as received Him [Jesus Christ] to them gave He power to become the sons of God.” Once you know the truth embedded in a particular field, you’ve obtained knowledge. It is this knowledge that will spur one to change others who are not getting it right in terms of attitude. The world is full of young people doing the wrong things and blaming the government for their shortcomings and moral decadence. Drug addiction is a personal decision, just like masturbation. My take on this, however, is that if one decides to pick up a habit in the first place, one can also make a conscious effort to give up such a habit with the necessary help and support available.

You can vehemently agree with me that change is contagious. It will interest you to know that it is this change that will propel the needed spirit which will drive repentant masturbators to lead a new path into living a normal lifestyle by holding the beacon for others still in limbo and in the grip of the spirit of the hydra-headed monster called masturbation.


Masturbation is not a myth, nor is it a mystery. It lives amongst us like an epidemic. It has eaten up a lot of our boy children and youths in general. The options available are not limited to the P.E.A.C.E approach I have dealt with but with others available. For want of time and space, I will write a second series. Until I come again, guide and guard your thoughts, for there life begins. Strangle every thought appearing in the form of masturbation and thank me for taking charge of your emotions for good.

About the Author

Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche is an essayist, a novelist, and a poet who is inspired by depression, suicide, sensuality, humanity, boy child, rape, life, death, and, above all, love. He believes in the mutual existence of humanity for the sake of peace to heal the world. He is the author of The Oracle of Isieke; The Diary of the Keke Driver; The Missing Book of St. Valentine; Humanity is Oblivious of Me; 14 Verses of Valentine; Ózòémènà [all can be downloaded on Poemify Bookstore]; and W[h]or[e]shíp which is forthcoming.

Opia-Enwemuche has over the years been part of the editing team for the Boys Are Not Stones Initiative (BANSI), where he has curated and edited several anthologies, such as A Country of Broken Boys; and Demigods. He is the Poetry Editor for Poemify Magazine and manages the Maxxzymusdapoet blog as a distraction from the chaotic world.

Maxwell writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He tweets @maxxzymusdapoet, Facebook: Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche, and Instagram: @maxxzymusdapoet.

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Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche is an award winning poet, boy child advocate, a storyteller, a Folklorist, an humorist and a novelist who writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His manuscript , 'Ozemena!' a collection of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war in meditative verses found a home in Poemify Publishers.

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