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In my country yard, you need to bellow

for men on scarlet Agbada(wide— sleeve rope) to come to your rescue

defuse as many as black mist along the streets

throbbing out flaky visions, vast in your eyes

under the sheets

to get rid of your colourful garments

& from spreading outlandish seaweed.

There is news that the ministry will come for construction

and rehabilitation because there is a meadow in which alfalfa grow

like fertile foxes will be grazed and rake

into chuckholes; if by means the sort for a way out.

How the mapped out roads is like a stray bullets resting on the skin

prodding the tegument of the body and deposits of 1000kg rubbles on helpless streams.

Who says the masses on the streets are happy because of their state of matter?

May I hear you say that you know too little of what corruption weighs; made in Nigeria politicians.

The last time we checked, even till now, project are still untouched

as long as it’s from the ministry;

because it can only be transpired through their hogwash sounds

& under their survey, we went to bed with an empty stomach.

Now they have started from where the had stop.

Leastwise, seventy one construction will be completed

as if to say we may expect something dissimilar,

unlike the beer and tobacco snuff they made us drink and inhale

that instead wassail our lips to praises: there ominous developments.

On the other hands, the keep romancing the roads

along the crust surface as if

the no go fit work and comot for one lane

let the olfactory sensation from the muds rest.

Father, I pray thee, liquefy me into ammonia

so that I won’t oxidize with the swampy waters—

the sin they had brew from Adam’s trunk.

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Excel Chinagorom Michael is an emerging poet and writer that writes from the suburb area of Aba. It's expected that he reads and scribble an unorthodox poetry and pun in a dynamic pattern on diverse subjects. Having over two hundred and more poems to his name, his work are forth coming. He is fascinated by sports, fashion and music— intended gospel vocalist.

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