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She has blossomed like a flower.
Her smile and blush tell that she is fresh and young.
She walks like a bird that had just learned how to fly,
ignorant of the predators, around her.
She smiles with one and laughs with the other
dangling from hand to hand.
She is in charge; it’s her time to rule.

The good uncle sees her and wonders how fast
the baby of yesterday has become the woman of today,
The bad uncle salivates as he sets his trap and patiently waits.
Her elder sister and other older single ladies are jealous of her.
Her mates of the opposite sex see her as though for the first time.

She is the center of attraction.
She is like the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.
She is Junior’s door to adulthood and an opportunity to boost her seniors’ sexual experience.
She is the side chick to Auntie’s boyfriend and Junior’s girlfriend.
She swims ignorantly in between sharks thinking they are dolphins.
She is a teen girl, she is endangered.

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