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The tale of being in a vast land of mine lingers in my heart,
I slept on a cliff of hope,
It never betrays those who believe.

Like sunlight perches on Earth at dawn,
I behold it’s glistering yellow illumination.
I, being astonished about how fast it hovers the highest pinnacles,
To be sucked back, giving and orange cry slowly; death sucking life.

I had wandered in the late part of evenings, listened to the nightjars.
Then watched my legs roll to a stall to render the last piece of coin for a bargain,
Hope to my sorrows is like a dead ship in the middle of a sea.
Head is kept up, I shall not starve in the Morrow.

I have promised myself the food of looking forward
I have promised my head; never will I take it to a low class,
I still believe in a future where coins flow, overflow from my deep pockets.
I still… I have dreamt, seen myself in higher places,
My nightmare is failure, she told me “I’m a part of the dream”
I’ve built my ladder high this time, to pluck the impossibilities.

under the sheets
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