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Have you ever bathed in a woman’s warm light

The pleasant ardour that is a woman’s endearment and flattering homage

Like a gentle flurry of air, it fondles you in a pacifying and soft manner

under the sheets

Keeping you sane and afar from all your insecurities

Keeping you free from all exertions that bring forth your flaws…. And those imperfections that previously made you feel like you’re undeserving of the felicitations of any in the world…

或者     Have you ever douched yourself in a man’s insulating bod

His touch being a kaleidoscope of the serenity that can be found in finding the one your heart pulsates for

His affection the catalyst for a romantic fellow-feeling you did not know could exist between two beings

And that fragrance and body odour acting as a mating can’t resist

Have you ever succumbed to affection ……Have you ever been sullied by it….


Nights like this I crave the serenity you unconsciously bring /

Nights like this I itch for the warm touch your craggy hands peculiarly retain /

Nights like this I dream of you, Nights like this am supposed to have you……../

What is mine, like an attempt to paint the wind,     proves to be a far-fetched enigma /

What is mine, like a zephyr trying to light a fire, bear out that I am a milk-soap lover /

What is mine, like a generous glutton, ascertains my   tale of adulation is a fraidy-cat yarn……../

Am I to swedge for you, Am I to not /

Am I to liquidate for you, or am I to                     recoil in disquietude /

I’m at discomposure at not having you, I’m             at exceptional uneasiness at not holding you……./

The days of despair continue to become a hurdle my   spellbound heart can’t continue to bear /

The days of my loneliness are becoming a laceration that plucks the innermost part of my soul one memory of you at a time /

The days of my subsistence dithering continuing   remind me that I am the true example of a craven undeserving lover…/

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Frank Njugi (He/Him) is a Writer, Poet and Screenwriter based in Nairobi Kenya. His work has been featured on KalahariReview, FieryScribe review, AfroRep, Writers space Africa (PoeticAfrica), Zeitgeistpulse of culture ,Mental Rhythm Magazine ,and is forthcoming in others. He goes as @franknjugi on all platforms.

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