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Legend has it that prince Ozuigbo was a mystery, an enigma, an incredible being, one who wears multiple and inexplicable personalities. Call him a god, you are dead right. He was in deed a man amongst great men. He was a fearless warrior and a leader of great repute. His fame and exploits echoes beyond the shores of the kingdom of Iloabuchi, a place known for its technological know-how and ingenuity in diverse measures. He is often called a conqueror of cities.

Ozuigbo was regarded as the ladies’ man too as his physiognomy has a way of attracting ladies to him no matter how pretty they considered themselves. This never deterred him from the principal mission bestowed on him by the ancient kingdom of Iloabuchi. To keep and uphold the unity and peace of the kingdom and ward off every form of territorial invasion. This mission is sacrosanct. It is like oxygen to him and anything struggling to truncate this mission will have to face his full wrath no matter whose ox is gored.

It was said in time past that a united force of Wogu, Ogoloma, Riebisi and Ndele (WORN) army planned to end the reign of King Ozingo who obviously was the father of Ozuigbo. The united force got penetration into the kingdom of Iloabuchi through the treacherous act of Ikeokwu. It was Ikeokwu who showed the WORN army the secret passage into Iloabuchi and they entered in their numbers with a sole aim to unseat king Ozingo and take over Iloabuchi.

Egede happens to be a controlled part of Iloabuchi and Ozuigbo was charged with the responsibility of protecting it since it forms an important part of Iloabuchi kingdom. To conquer the kingdom of Iloabuchi, Egede must be conquered. This is not an easy nut to crack for any invading army as the level of military intelligence that lives here is superb. It is second to none. So many invasive battles have been won here through the help of Ozuigbo’s unparalleled art of strategies. He was a general and a master in the art of war. He would always say, ‘allow your enemies to perceive you as a weakling and show them the might you’re made of. By the time they realize their mistakes, the battle for supremacy is already over before their eyes.’

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‘General! General! General!’ Osita screamed from the watch tower. ‘There is an onslaught coming our way. I see armed men in their numbers advancing to the city gate of Egede. I believe this is the moment we have all been waiting for. A moment of truth, a time to prove our sincere loyalty to the crown of Iloabuchi,’ he added.

Books by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

Books by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

‘Citizens of Iloabuchi and warriors of Egede, today we prove our worth yet again. To fight and uphold the continuous existence of our kingdom and to bring to subjugation every party, individuals or armies opposing the ideology of the kingdom. Today, we separate the real men from boys. Today we spill blood as a reminder of who we are and what we stand for. Today we reaffirm the supremacy of the great kingdom of Iloabuchi,’ Ozuigbo charged the King’s Special Squad (KSS). ‘I asked today, if you will join force with me to pull down this united force of WORN army and restore the sanity of Egede gates,’ he asked vehemently.

We will! We will! We will! was the chant that rented the air space in Egede.

The battle for supremacy was fought at the gate of Egede as the united force of WORN army could not penetrate the gate. They lost and their commanders we’re caught and executed without delay. Before their execution, Ikeokwu was fingered as the man who gave them the master plan of the king’s court and the easiest way of penetration through the secret passage. Ikeokwu and his entire family were later executed in line with the ancient laws of the Iloabuchi kingdom.

Till date, no one or party goes to war with the kingdom of Iloabuchi and peace and tranquility has reigned supreme like fresh air there. More so, the tale of Ozuigbo remained on the lips of the citizens of Iloabuchi till date.

Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche, Author, Ozoemena


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