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I have been locked in this cage,
Searching endlessly for a way,
Towards an answer I seek,
All I have gotten is weak,
Broken by knowledge that is false,
Society only makes me feel worse,
Like there is an ideal I must live up to,
I am locked and lost in this wasteland,
Every breath traps me deeper in this void,
My thoughts are volcanos to my soul,
Every step I try out ends in a fall,
When I find a sparkle of joy,
It goes away before I live it,
I call on my Creator and He delays,
Please, Just give me answers,
Anything clear to unlock this cage,
My day and nights are dingy,
My heart cringes in pain,
and my lungs now wane,
I have trodden on every path I found,
Tried everything they said,
Yet I have nothing to show,
Why does this “Me” feel far away?
Tell me what You created, Oh Almighty,
I don’t want to perish because of Ignorance,
Who do You say I am, God?
You looked at me at creation and said I am perfect,
Teach me to see what You keep seeing,
While I prayed, You gave inspiration;
From day one, I have always been me,
Maybe it is me who has set an ideal not the society,
Because I want to be my definition of perfect.
To be a series of confused versions of people,
I want to do and be everything, except myself.
Oh! My Creator, You never delayed,
I rejected myself and betrayed,
The answer I seek is self-acceptance,
The key to this cage is self-love,
The Me I sought is my full expression,
I can’t search for who I am already.

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