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It’s really easy to hide when no one knows depression is real. It could be affecting your friend, housemate, colleague, family member, etc. and you probably don’t even know it. That’s because humans are so use to hiding or covering up how they feel just so that they won’t bother anyone with their problems… but the thing is, on the inside those people that are struggling with depression are slowly breaking or falling apart, and it becomes harder and harder to hide it.

For some, the hardest thing to do is ask for help. 75 percent of depressed people do not seek help for their depression. Many people are afraid of asking for help because of the stigma behind a mental illness. Also, there are phrases that are commonly said that feed into these stigmas because depression isn’t always something that cannot be controlled, and can be caused by chemical imbalances.

These phrases include:

  • “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”
  • “You have so many things to be thankful for, why are you depressed?”
  • “Why can’t you just be normal? Get a grip. Life isn’t over yet!”
  • “Lonely? You need to get out more”
  • “Buck up buttercup/suck it up buttercup”
  • “Why should I care?”

These are only a few examples I have not only heard, but experienced for myself. That last one sticks out to me because that is why people wouldn’t want to seek help, for fear of that response. I know how it feels to struggle silently, to hide how I really feel, to be known as the person who is always happy (when deep down I was struggling with a thousand hurting memories threatening to rip my soul apart).

under the sheets

I kept it hidden so I didn’t feel like I was dragging people down with my problems. I don’t want to be a pest on no one. I hate pity, sympathetic care and the likes. I didn’t want to be a liability to no one. It wasn’t until someone asked me what was wrong, and really meant it was I able to talk about and tell someone what was going on.


Trust me when I say, it definitely wasn’t easy, but talking about it seemed like something that needed to happen. It did happen. I still struggle with depression, and a little bit of anxiety, but I am slowly finding ways to feel better. It may take some time, but it is easier now than it was.

Don’t let depression eat up every cell of hope in you. Don’t give depression the benefit of dragging you down six feet below the ground. If allowed to flourish, will dim the light at the end of our proverbial tunnel, leaving you hopeless, angry with life, yourself and even suicidal.

Kill depression before it kills your dreams.

There is hope. Cheer up. Nobody said life will be a bed of roses. Nobody said these roads have to thorns. Nobody said sweet wines can’t go sour. Embrace life. Embrace hope.

When you fall below expectations and everyone calls for your neck, don’t throw up a pity party and sulk for eternity. Rather, get you up, dust you up and try again. Stay in the light. You may be trying hard to balance your dreams, aspirations and goals on a wire, hoping ends will meet its means, but all efforts spell futility. Y

ou may feel uninspired, unmotivated, left behind, matching on the spot of going in circles… don’t you give up. You are an angle waiting for wings. Soon, your wings shall find you and fly you to heights beyond your wildest imaginations. Kill depression before it kills your dreams.

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