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It is not just the police
It is about the system

The police are your friend
That is why we fight for them too

For you and me
For them and us

For the Nation
For peace and stability

under the sheets

We are tired of the system
The demo has been crazy

Take a look at the policeman
He earns little but guides the wealthy poliTHIEFcian

And in a bid to make a living
They rob us and hasten our leaving

It’s a fight against the system
To make it better for us all

Our corn-tree has been a mess
Forked real northy

But we say together
End SARS now

End Bad Governance
End the Embezzlement

Let there be a reform
Let the youths have the power

“Nigeria’s call: obey”
Oh, PREYsident obey our call

The old are now preying
The young are now praying

The old for a worn-naytion
The young for one- nation

You don’t need to be weary
For the departed, we are still teary

It is for you
It is for me

Let us go until we find
The results that will be visible even to the blind

Let Sanusi love Emeka and Gbenga
Let us stand as brothers

With our fists held high
Chanting “Reform Nigeria”

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformNigeria

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Joxzy OTOR is a Musician, a Writer, a Self-discovery/development coach, and a Relationship Counselor.Fondly called "INKspirator" and "PenAddict" by his audience whom he prides as his family. Joxzy is well known by the lines "We live for us", "Live before you leave" and "Family is not biological". Joxzy is the convener of " A talk with Joxzy", a WhatsApp platform dedicated to counselling and helping you heal from all forms of emotional distress. Reach him all social outlets with the search "Joxzy OTOR"

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