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threnody, gaza, a person holding a flag in front of riot police


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Threnody is a poem about the conflict in Gaza and the poet’s own experience of it through the conduit of media, particularly social media.

“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it” – Martin Luther King

 [Dublin, October 9, 2023]

I’ve nothing to say

Is this the Holy land?

Land of Jesus?

Land of Cain?

I sense the spirit of Israel

I feel her pain

On the feast day of Abraham

Festival goers, music lovers,

At Supernova music festival,

In the prime of youth,

Apocalypse unfurled,

Now, the search for truth

Still unnamed,

Bodies maimed.


In the throes,

Of violence

The world is silent

Netanyahu says

“We have to go”

Into Gaza

How long must the blood flow?

For a strip of earth at Golan?

I sense the spirit of Israel

In her moment of wrath

A toxic insignia that reverberates,

You can feel the hate

As Jordan Peterson recalls the swastika

President Biden is sending ships

Revenge is on his lips

Because America always hits

Eleven U.S citizens its said

Blown to shreds

Anderson Cooper’s mourning the dead

I am watching CNN from my bed

The terror in my head

The sky blood-red

People in fear

Rivers of tears

The end is near

Yet many calling for the end-

Of vengeful Zion

Clare Daly, Brid Smith even Gerry Adams,


Ireland, Denmark, Luxemburg, Spain

Block the EU’s plans to suspend Palestinian aid

And from Re’im Kibbutz—

the site of extermination

Can God unite this broken nation?

Amidst destabilisation

The trouble humankind is facing

Geopolitical turmoil

A war for a stretch of soil

Is there no end to all this hate?

What is the future upon which we wait?

I sense the spirit of Israel,

Equivocal apparitions

in the festival fields,

I can’t help but imagine

Electric Picnic

The musical overture,

With seconds left to live

Bones, blood, and dirt

Lives stripped of all worth

Nothing seems to fit

Simply blown to bits

Left for ashes

Rolling Stone Magazine

Are bracing for all out war

Saying ‘there is no place to go’

Detritus of cities

The refugees will flow


Ukraine, NATO

Have formed a block

Alongside Israel

Is this a ticking clock?

To the end?

No longer can we pretend

With all the division upon

which we contend

Blame the world-trade


In any case

We are in a fix

I sense the ghosts of Israel,

Mutilated flesh

Unholy Sacrament

Annihilatory furnace of

Saturian retribution

Calamity, amidst the confusion

Will Iran, Russia and the

Middle-East unite?

Who will win this fight?

Address the threats?

When this war is over

There’ll be nothing left

But sticks and stones

Alongside human bones

The murderous pillage,

Nefarious, coagulating tillage,

War, myopic

A terrorist thirst for blood?

Hate shall bring no good

Khadar Adnan died in vain

And Rabbi Kahane

Killed in shame

Do we not remember

The 1972 Olympic games?

Then, as now, Israel

tried to hold the flame

Is it just the same?

Or have things changed?

Hospitals are about to collapse

Israel is cutting food and electricity due to Hamas

The system has snapped

Amidst ‘information war’?

Through a fog of lies

No one hearing children cry

Beneath the rubble

Can words—

Ripple through darkness—

Can they yield some light?

As testament to peaceful resistance?

Amidst this turn to night?

I sense the ghosts of Israel,

Bodies, hideously shed,

Loathing semblance—

Fume-soaked cloud,

Beneath blackened sky-

Bodies-steeped by— pain,

Last refrain,

No time to wave goodbye

Mothers, fathers, children

All have been slain

Israel could respond with

Illegal GBU-72s

If the 2021 American trade-deal

goes through

Now it seems it will

More will die

More will be killed

More blood will spill

Because currency must

Have its way

Because neocolonial imperialism

Is order of the day

Looks like we are heading one way

Seam the antimony,

The lion sleeps no more,

Let us try end this

And all human war

Yahweh, liberator

We pray together,

To seek to remember

The last song at Re’im Kibbutz


The last song at Re’im Kibbutz


The last song at Re’im Kibbutz


I’ve nothing to say

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