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Our front teeth missing
We built sandcastles
Watched in delight as the waves
Smashed it in pieces.

We were conscious of our bodies
No long would we bath outside.
We would cry if one called us his wife.
We began to hear of rape and violence
We wonder if it will ever get to us
When it did, we told no one for fear of shame.

Boys looked attractive
Ripped muscles stole our breathe,
When he smiled at us we’d smile and wave.
Fashion was our thing
Seeking to explore life
Our parents told us we ain’t quite old enough.
Simi left home for school
While I was still under my parents watchful eyes.
Lara got pregnant
And they jeered at her foolishness.
No listened or even cared.

Yet I don’t know what to do with my life.
“Go to school, get a cert and you will be fine,
Boys are distraction, parties meant for the unserious.”
Life was happening passing with the wind.

under the sheets

Timelines are different they told me.
“Mid-age crisis,” therapist said was reason for my depression.
Don’t stress, don’t worry.
When are you getting married?
Friends, Family and the public ask.

Building sandcastles
Crying when they are gone.
Life is happening
On tidal waves
Rude shock and awakenings.

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