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Every year on March 3rd, a day is set aside to honor writers all over the world. Today is National Writers Day, a day to honor and thank writers for their contributions to literacy, information, knowledge, and entertainment.

There are about 130 million books in the world now, according to Google’s superior algorithms. As a result, the human species has a highly strong knowledge foundation. Today is an excellent day to thank your favorite writer.

The International Congress of the PEN Club proposed this holiday in 1986. This association of poets, essayists, and fictionists was created in London in 1921, and it comprises writers from all literary genres, from translators and journalists to historians, with the goal of promoting mutual assistance among writers from across the world. C. A. Dawson Scott, an English writer, came up with the idea for the organization, and John Galsworthy was the first president. Joseph Conrad, Elisabeth Craig, George Bernard Shaw, and H. G. Wells were among the members of this organization, which is regarded as the first NGO ever founded.

Today is International Writers Day

We join the world to celebrate every writer whose stories, poems, articles, plays, etc, have stroked a chord or more in people’s lives.

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