Every boy child is a garden that needs to be planted upon and taken care of in order to bear good fruits, character wise, that will be beneficial to humanity. The process may be tedious, but it is worth the time and attention given for the future gain.

Every boy child is a garden that needs to be planted upon and taken care of in order to bear good fruits, character wise, that will be beneficial to humanity. The process may be tedious, but it is worth the time and attention given for the future gain.

To better understand how to train up the perfect boy child, I will expatiate on what I call the PISS Approach and I believe it will be beneficial to any boy child who reads this or even adults who look forward to becoming a parent tomorrow. Knowledge is like a pack of seeds sprinkled on the farm not knowing the ones that will sprout and eventually produce fruits. In the same vane, we seek for information here and there with the hope of being up to date. This is the present state of this piece. It seeks to educate as many that will read with an open mind. For that boy child who is tired of stereotypes here and there, he may also find these timely pieces of advice to be useful and beneficial to his eventual emergence. Every seed that will eventually emerge on the surface of the earth has a great story to tell and for those that died and remained buried underground with their stories, no matter how interesting they may sound, it becomes a case of dead men don’t talk kind of scenario.

The PISS Approach

P-lant good morals in the mind of the child.

The mind of every boy child is a garden and for one to enjoy the benefit from such a child, the mind must be tended to properly. Just as a farmer will take care of his garden or even farm, and sprinkle fertilizers occasionally, the guardian or parent of any boy child should plant morals here and there in the child that will affect him positively. The Holy Book corroborated this when it admonished that we should train up a child in the way [good path] that he should go and when he is old [becomes an adult] he will not depart from it. Those lines summarize the responsibility of every genuine guardian or parent who wants the best for their boy children.

I-ncinerate excesses in characters

The mind of every boy child is like a magnet because it attracts both the good and the bad. The magnet does not have the ability to differentiate between rusted iron and wrought iron nor does it discriminate too. It draws everything made of iron to itself. The same is applicable to the mind of every growing boy child. The onus now lies on the parents or guardians to watch out for red flags in characters and nip it in the bud. These excesses should not be given a foot hold rather they should be checkmated. There’s no gain in truancy neither does one get celebrated for arrogance. Excellence is a medal not placed on the neck of a pig, but worn on dedicated individuals who believe that they can succeed in all things. There’s no excuse if we fail as parents to raise a formidable child that will impact the face of humanity by taking on the world headlong.

S-eparate the boy child from stereotypes and unnecessary Trends

Most times you hear folks telling a boy child that you need to be doing this or that because other boys of your age are doing it. Not everyone is supposed to play football. Some are good in analysis while some others dislike the idea of football, but prefers baseball or swimming or even car racing and so forth. This brings us back to our areas of development. Not all barrack boys are stubborn and violent at first, but a bit of it runs in their blood. This is so because the life style rubs off on them as a result of their environment. I grew up in a barracks and I know what I am talking about. Boys should not be coerced into doing any thing they are not cut out for. This becomes important as pressure is never placed on them so that they can redeem their self worth before you. If this pressure is placed on them to follow stereotypes, I am afraid this seed can never be uprooted from them again in time to come. Separate your boy child(ren) on time and reap the benefits of your calculated actions and efforts in time to come.

S-tabilize the boy child consciousness to Truth and Integrity.

‘A good name is better than silver and gold’ should be the watchword of every parent or guardian on their boy children. Engrave on their heart the consciousness of truth and integrity at all times. Make them wear the identity of uprightness everywhere they go. Dissuade them from seeking solace in lying and tale bearing or any other negative vice capable of tarnishing their good name. Stabilize this consciousness until adulthood and I believe the boy child can paddle his life canoe from there, as per character, into becoming a better man with an exemplary life adorned with an impeccable disposition.


To raise a boy child that appears perfect in the eyes of the world is not an easy task. It is a tough course not to the faint hearted. It requires diligence, dedication and perseverance (DDP) in order to obtain results. The PISS approach may not be the final formula, but a good approach to better the lots of that boy child that may end up as a nuisance to the society. The world is a tough place to exist and these submission will help anyone who adopts them in this onerous and herculean journey of child training. I am a product of this approach and I trust it will work well whenever it is applied.

Author’s Bio

Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche is an award winning poet, boy child advocate, a storyteller, a Folklorist, an humorist and a novelist who writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He writes mostly on depression, suicide, sensuality, humanity, Boy Child, Rape, life, death and above all, Love. He believes in the mutual existence of humanity for the sake of peace to heal the world. His works have appeared or forthcoming on Qwenu, Eboquills, Poemify, MojaveHeart Review, Words, Rhythm and Rhymes, Ace Magazine, Tuck magazine, and numerous online platforms. His manuscript , ‘Ozemena!’ a collection of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war in meditative verses found a home in Poemify Publishers.

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Photo Credit: Yuda Rizwan Simatupang

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