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The struggle with anxiety can be raw, scary, and debilitating. These poems about anxiety give a glimpse into the difficult struggle. Winifred’s poem is like moonlight piercing through wall cracks, unveiling anxiety.


Anxiety had been my best friend
My shelter and hiding place
She chased the smiling sun from me
In pretense that it’s what I needed
She chased the breeze from talking to me
And telling me things that births succor
Even the stars, for their brightness
Often reminds me that goodness is ahead
Ever since I befriended this friendless friend
I lived in her abode like a voiceless parrot

For years
I ate whatever she provided, I ate it painfully
Pitifully, and every bite was a mourn
But that day, I looked for the door
I dashed towards it
But she stood on the way
And told me there was no way
Her echo was thunderous but it sounded in my ear
Like the sound of a child learning to talk

At this time, her words could sink into my heart
No longer
Her grip on me was like the grip of a grasshopper
Against an elephant
I needed me, the real me

under the sheets

Me, a victorious warrior
That me, I should have been for long
I rushed towards the door
And was free forever.


If I die today
I die a hero
If I die today
I die like a champion
I die a hero
For the battles won
I die a hero
For the times I spoke my mind
I die a hero.

I’m like carpet grass
When trampled on I keep quit
But if I die today
I die a hero
I die a hero for saying ‘’no’’ when I ought
I die a hero for quitting that which hurts
For having triumphed in my battle with dejection
For being a conqueror in my fight with low self-worth
If I die today, I die a hero

If I die today
I’m sure the birds will sing a dirge for me
The thunder will roar in memory of me
The sky will grow pale for my sake
They will tell what a hero I was
If I die today, I die a hero


Winifred Kijie Odu finds pleasure in reading, writing and singing. Her dream is to touch and heal the hearts of many, promote and preserve Nature, she is an optimist and seeks to create impact on the lives of others through her works of art, and poetry is one of the mediums through which
she expresses herself.


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Jaachị Anyatọnwụ is a poet, editor and publisher from Nigeria. His writings are inspired by everyday happenings and observations.

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