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Peace and war are born of the same mother
They exist in complimentary distribution
Where there’s war, there’s murder.
Where there’s peace, there’s continuation.

Now tell me the gathering
Where legitimate and illegitimate children co-exist
That the crowd will not be wondering
From the crowd, peace desist.

In those days, our forefathers sat us on the moon
We all gathered to listen to their folktales
Where we gather not to mourn
But in haste to get full details.

For the love of civilisation
We get our culture discarded
Just ’cause it turns to our demoralisation
And it makes our progress retarded.

under the sheets

Today, civilisation slaps us in the faces.
As our younger ones take to cybercrime.
This makes their fraudulent acts come in phases
We need not our folktales to cram.

Tell me now where peace reigns
Where war is the order of the day
Insecurity becomes a season of rain
Where our land is flooded like in Noah’s day.

If there must be peace
There must be no war
For war turns peace to pieces
If clothes of peace get torn
We need to sew torn clothes to be at ease
And let peace hang on our walls.


We need not just a leader
We need a leader like a dove
Who can provide us with a ladder
With whom we can have our caps doff.

Our future is bright.
But the absence of a dove makes us wander in the wilderness
For a dove will make us mighty
and restore our wellness.

Though green-white-green is our colour,
The whiteness is what we long for.
And if it is given, we will be thorough.
Because it is the messenger we long for.

We need not just a leader
We need a dove
For a dove cares for a pigeon, not a feather.
And a pigeon cares for a thrush, not a loaf.
If the leader cares for the led not as beggars,
The led will look forward to tomorrow and make a move.

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ONIPEDE Festus Moses is a linguist and poet. He is from Ogun State, Nigeria.  He has some of his poems published in the following anthology: Beyond the Horizon: An Inter-continental Anthology, Aurora: An Anthology of English Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Interviews, One-Act Plays, and Articles, Insulatus: An Anthology of Modern English Poetry, among others. He also writes poems, articles, short stories, and one-act plays for Lipi International Magazine.and Nairapen.

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