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Under clear skies, Tochi set out on a journey
To find peace, love and life’s meaning
Encouraged by the light breeze
He set his sail boat out to sea
Alone with his thoughts

What a wonderful feeling!

Tochi knows what it means to be broken
All that he knows is sadness and difficulty
“death will eventually free my spirit
Now, is when I live behind all my worries”

Free in the mind he falls asleep
Unusually his mind is at ease
He dreams of darkness and beauty
A feeling he never knew
He’s laying on smooth sand, shadows on him
Peaceful, quiet and beautiful is the ambience
Sounds of rushing water, nature’s own music
Rhythm of blood rushing through his veins
Dim light in the distance, illuminates, brightens
Partially dispel shadows

under the sheets

He looks above
Clear skies, no clouds, no darkness
Just beauty, just spirit lifting peace
He found it, he found healing
Under the moonlight, by the sea

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