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You like food, don’t you?

Everyone does!

You see, no matter how modest you want to make it appear our relationship with food, as humans, is parasitic. Yes, we are ripping those things off and giving them nothing in return.

Many of us are used to seeing food and the processes of food production in its many varied forms that the import of some lessons therein is lost on us.

under the sheets

Have you ever seen a farmer plant crops amongst overgrown weeds?

I bet you haven’t, most probably because it very rarely happens, if it does at all.

When a farmer of subsistence comes upon an area of land that he intends to cultivate, he usually does not find it without occupants: weeds. This farmer wants to do himself and the world a ton of good by cultivating his own food. But in spite of his goodwill, nothing interferes with the natural order of things. He either takes on the challenge of clearing the soil to plant crops that he would not begin to reap immediately or turn back home to embrace hunger.

Meanwhile, this phenomenon is beyond our dear farmer; it is even beyond farming; and interestingly, it is beyond mankind. It is a universal principle put in place by the Almighty Himself. And it applies to every human endeavour.

This principle is that change does not want to happen. At least not by itself. Change may be verily needed, and maybe even long overdue. But be that as it may, change cannot affect itself. It has not happened before and is not likely to happen. I do not dispute that change is constant, I’m only stating that change is so regular in occurrence because mankind has, throughout history even until the present, taken steps that brought about change.

Anyone or anything for that matter, who or which desires to see an altering in whatever facet of existence would have to work for it.

If our dear farmer decides to, as he is wont to do, go all the way and rout whatever impediment was on his way to providing his family with food, then he would have to begin clearing.

Please bear in mind that the foliage does not disappear at the first swing of the farmer’s cutting tool. He has to make several powerful sweeps with his cutlass complete with determined grunts as evidence of his voluntary exertion. While he is at this, a lot of things seem to connive to ensure that he stops: the sun assumes a fiery glow, making his skin bleed water and as a consequence, depleting his energy reserves; his body announces its tiredness with a deeper heave for every new swing. Even the thought of how long he has to wait before the harvest is a potent debilitating force.

But the farmer who would see his food supplies increase does not stop; the entrepreneur whose vision of an international, flourishing enterprise is clear does not give up; the student who would top his class does not blow out his midnight lamp; all who desire change must stop seeing surrender as an option.

Have you ever thought for one wee moment that the reason you’re encountering such hard-to-contain challenges is because you’ve got very pertinent doses of awesome essence that must be let out? And you know, like we said earlier, change does not want to happen. At least not by itself. Do they not say that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown?

You’re bearing a unique version of relevance that is not obtainable anywhere else. This is your crown. And crowns make the head uneasy, so they say. But apart from making uneasy it also proclaims your royalty!

Train your mind to not expect things to be easy, that way you would save yourself the energy it would have cost you to express surprise when you eventually come upon this die-hard challenge.

One sure way to prevent inconsistency from swallowing your goals is to capture, enlarge and focus on a picture of what your end-results would look like.

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I am a firm believer in the salvaging, boundless authority of words. I reckon that when words are given flow, they can gift a banishing blow to everything that's not letting all of our joy show.

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