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In mist of myriad

We sleep with empty stomach

With rags as cloth

Muddy water serves purified 

under the sheets

In mist of myriad 

Even our essential wants are docked

Hold up on the sea of corruption

To get offload, no one can tell

In mist of myriad

We live on paucity

An ounce that we bear

To live, with gagged gobs 

In mist of myriad

Some filled to lungs

Like elephants, their pets look

Pet’s life valued to human

In mist of myriad

Riches turn poor to cannon fodder 

Send to Hades in numbers

Blooming flower of future

In mist of myriad

Yardsticks are inequality

Egalitarian beg for space on the chair of three:

Rich, poor and equality

Uniform defers us 

For inequality as classified us

For poor has class

And rich, set theirs 

Hunger stricken has theirs 

Well feed defers

Rags bearer were sects

Tread pursuant well known 

Uniform makes us known

For like sect we’re divided

While egalitarian got killed

Inequality rule human’s world

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