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We All Are Songs” by Akudo Nkemjika Christien Okeke is a collection of poems dedicated to a burning wrapper of an Amazon and the sewn loons of the warrior.


This is a classic case of oysters, sand, and pearls. Just as a grain of sand gets into the oyster, and the oyster’s attempt to stop the irritation results in the covering of the oyster with nacre, which then results in the beautiful pearl. This is beauty born from pain, something exquisite born from ashes. While I congratulate you on the completion of the poetry collection, I wish with all my heart that the stimulus and inspiration did not have to be this painful. Indeed, we are all songs, and the songs you sing are both beautiful and inspiring and will resonate with many readers around the world. Well done, Kemuji!

Ikechukwu Eye EyeKay Nwaogu
We All Are Songs
We All Are Songs


“With words that are as haunting as they are interrogative, Nkemjika explores memory, absence, family bonds, and the nuances of loss in this soul-tugging collection of poetry.”

Jerry Chiemeke, author, of “Dreaming of Ways To Understand You” and “Notes for Nnedimma”

In this collection, Akudo Nkemjika Christien Okeke reminds us that poetry is the art that bears the burden of humanity. She celebrates her mother, motherhood, and herself. When life confronts you with a sword, Okeke says you can conquer it with words.

Olumide Olaniyan, Author, Lucidity of Absurdity

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