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We used to love each other
We shed blood, shed tears
We bore each other’s fears
She was my strength
My muse, my everything
The joy in her presence,
I thought, “everlasting”

“Excuse me, is someone sitting here?”
That was the first thing I said to her
I saw the damsel from afar
I got closer, stole her heart.
In return she stole my nights
My dreams were all about her

“I’m sorry”
That was the last thing she said to me
After saying she’ll never leave
I don’t blame her though
Daddy didn’t like her
Mummy said if she was of a different tribe
She wouldn’t mind
It didn’t matter that she gave me the best moments of my life

I didn’t do bad either
I gave some her good moments
And the most beautiful writings of my life
I did them for her

under the sheets
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