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Cece jolts out of sleep. She rubs her eyes as if to fish out the sleepiness in them whilst searching for her phone on the couch.

02:17 a.m. her phone reads.

“Sh-it! Sh-it!! Sh-it!!!”

How could she have dozed off? For goodness sake, her friend might be missing!

under the sheets

She dials a number on her phone. Her bare feet tap the floor nervously and she nibbles on her lips in anticipation of a response at the other end. No response.

“What could have gone wrong?” “God, abeg,” she prays.

She redials the number and continues to mutter a series of “God, abeg” in quick succession.

“Wande, please nau,” she begs while pacing her sitting room restlessly.

She hears the beep on her phone and throws her phone on the couch, clearly frustrated. She combs her fingers through her 4C natural hair packed in a rough bun. Her eyes are swollen now, probably as a result of the frequent itching.

She lazily returns to the couch and stares blankly at the clock hanging on the wall.

It was supposed to be movie night with her roommate as it’s been their custom every month since they started living together five years ago.

“I’m only going to get my stuff,” she remembers her roommate saying before swinging her prominent hips out of the house that morning. With every hour that passed, she had expected Wande to stroll in, but there was no sign of her.

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She wasn’t bothered until the clock rang the eight o’clock alarm. And that was when the anxiety kicked in. They had both agreed to return home at or before 8 p.m. or stay the night out after a series of kidnaps in the neighborhood. It bothered her because Wande always got home earlier. And if she had to stay out late, she never failed to communicate with Cece.

Every call she made to Wande ever since had gotten no response, and all efforts to reach Ray were futile. Her phone rings, pulling her out of her reverie. She picks up on the first ring.

“Wande?” She calls out. More like a whisper. “Wande, are you there? Say something, please,” a sweat breaks out on her forehead. She wipes it off with her free hand.

“Yes, Cece. I’m here,” Wande yawns into the phone.

“I’ve called you all night, Wande. What happened nau?”

“Hian! Nothing happened. Sebi I told you I was going to Ray’s place nau?” Her voice comes out clearer now.

“You told me you were going to Ray’s place, yes. To get your stuff,” she stresses. “You broke up with him, remember?”

“Errrmmm, about that. We’ve gotten back together now,” Wande says in a semi-low tone.

“How? Why? I thought you said you couldn’t be with someone who didn’t know what to do with a woman’s body during sex?” Cece queries.

“Yes, yes, that still stands. But girl, Ray has got some mystery magic in his fingers now! Sheeeeesh!” She moans into the phone. Cece rolls her eyes.

“I don’t know what this is about, Wande. Just go to bed and wake up saner,” she rebuts.

“Girl, there’s nothing saner than what I’m telling you. I found one “Under the Sheets” book at his place when I arrived. I skimmed through while he played Mr. Romantic in the kitchen. I’m sure that’s where all that fire came from. Don’t worry; I’ll give you the full gist when it’s bright and I’m home,” she squeaked excitedly. “Girl, this relationship? I die here!”

Cece pulls her phone from her ear to protect her eardrum from Wande’s squeals. “What did you call it? Under the sheets, abi? Wamless! Just get your horny self to this house once it’s bright; I need to squeeze out all the juice in this gist.”

“Oh, you will, girl! Till then, I need to go get me some.”

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