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Who do we believe?
Is it our parents who hold us tight
Telling us lies that life is full of love
Neglecting to prepare us for the battles ahead of us
Is it those friends we keep
Who use words to sweep us off our feet
But when things go south they turn their backs on us
Or is it the society that shows us the truth
But blanket it with smoke from the fires that burn from our rage.
Who do we believe?
Is it the forces that judge the case
But proclaim what is false infront of the state
Is it the people who show us no affection
But when we need help they give full attention
Or is it the ones who tell us they love us
But the hurt they cause us is even worse
Worse than an arrow shot straight into the heart
Causing the heart to shatter into a thousand puzzle pieces, so difficult to fit.
I choose to believe in time dispensation
That at a given time and place in life The good in the bad portrays as well as the bad in good.
That light can be formed from darkness
And that when the lights go out, darkness is what comes next
I choose to believe that love comes and goes even as the wind blows.
That the truth is not beautiful after all
That as much as others speak against me, I’ve done same
Maybe not willingly, but emotions have influence.
I choose to believe that this world maintains balance.

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