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they say time waits for no man,
when the cloud is gloomy,
time becomes your friend, you do things accordingly,
a man is but an ass,
who sees the seat of withering strokes in a castle,

on an isle is a man who
lived a fancy life as youth
dancing to the randomness of confusion,
and isolation of self

hopes of having years ahead, like a pack of savage wolves
young girls were the angels of his death
still to be released again & again, in an abyss beneath his heart

it’s time to start a new chapter, he went partying, with me & me alone, to see life from a different perspective,

under the sheets

he decides to make things right by hustling for money to build the dream house & buy the dream car he promised his mother

there seems to be no way out, all dreams have been dragged in the mud,

living an unfulfilled life,
shouting blames on government.

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