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The strength of black women of all walks of life often go unnoticed. They aren’t famous and don’t have the power, money or influence to get the recognition they deserve. Yet so much can be said about these everyday ‘sheroes’. They deserve to be celebrated.

Why a strong black woman,
why not indian, white or Chinese strong woman….
Why, why, why  a strong black woman !?
Because history chose THEM…

It took their husbands, enslaved and owned.
Raped and traumatized their mothers,
sisters and grandmother’s.

After they took the land, husbands,sons, fathers.
They played all those roles these WO – MAN.

under the sheets

After they took their dignity, femininity,
self respect and almost claimed their minds.
All they had was the choice to be strong.

Their choices at the time were few and far
between and out of all the choices they had the privilege to make .

They were wise enough in  thinking and chose to be strong.
The one thing that couldn’t be claimed,  even after they took
all and everything they possibly could take away.

Being strong was all they knew how to be .
They carried it like a classic clutch purse ,
effortless and with ease.

Carried it like it was feather light and paper thin.
Like a bucket of water and every drop priceless.

Carried it and carry it still!
They had to , and within the choice they took,
they could liberate, could wipe away tears and pain,
could touch souls, build nations and move mountains.

Within their choosing to be strong.
They also could teach many to do the same it was  a teaching, 
passed on from one generation to the next.
It was their own Holy grail preached and practiced to be carried forward.

There was alot, o’ so much
they could not do or be or see or even dream of,
but being strong was not going to be one of them.

In some ways it was all they had that was their own.
All they could outright  claim as their own
and chose that to be THEIRS.

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