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Why I’d choose books over movies; any day. Ever seen the movie of a book you’ve read prior? Which of them told the story better? I’d always go for the book for the following reasons:

• While the movie just shows you a character and leaves you to study her features, the book describes the character in detail giving you every fragment of information you need to create a mental picture in your head.

• The movie depends on only facial expressions of the characters to convey their moods and feelings; thereby leaving you at lost when a character has to pretend in some scenes. But the book tells you the mood and makes immediate mention of any change.

• No matter how much the movie tries, it can’t communicate all the thoughts of the characters whereas the book gives you a free access to the characters’ heads and you get a better understanding of the situation.

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• The movie limits your imaginations to what you see in a scene while the book describes the scene, make reference to past events, tells you the characters’ disposition towards the situation and encourages your imagination to travel as wild as it can.

• The movie industry has some limitations (especially time related ones) which would most likely lead to a twitching of the storyline of scraping out of some characters and scenes but the book works with your mind which has no limit.

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• Lastly, there’s a higher chance that you’d add more words to your vocabulary by reading the book than you’d do by watching the movie as most of the jargons related to the theme of the story would be well spelt out in the book.

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