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(Voices.. B for boy, G for girl)

B: Babe! Please! Don’t go!
You know you promised to stay with me,
You promised to stay forever

G(sobs) : please leave me alone,
Please just leave me alone,
I can’t continue.

B(sobs) : please

under the sheets

G: I can’t continue this with you

B: please!! (sobs)
What have I done?

G:Your subscription is over
It’s over between us
Let me try someone else

B:(sobs) please!!

G: (shouts at him, and trying to remove his hands on her leg)
Leave me alone
Don’t touch me!!
Don’t touch me!!

She cries away

B:(sobs heavily)
Please don’t go!!
Don’t go!!!!!

His voice fades with the returning air. In the voice of an old man

Dear son,
I write to you as a man,
That have seen all that women have got to offer.
I have taken all the courses there in,
And I can pledge to this badge on my chest,
That every word I will say to you today is true.

Biology son taught me
That a woman’s breast is a two course meal,
One for the morning
And one for the night
In other for me to have a right mental sight,
that when taken in prescription,
Will always leave me cum-ber some.

But English,
English failed son in its true definition of love.
For love is a fatherless son
Reading the tribute of his late father,
In the midst of those that killed his father.
For every love son, is the same,
Every love is a game
Always with a happy unhappy ending,
And no two story ever ended the same way son,
So don’t be fooled,
That love is without thorns,
For every weed on the street is likened to love,
For today it is,
And tomorrow its no more.

But son,
Women are beautiful

You need them in life for you to have a balance of life.

When you see a man
Hunt for something more
And so powerful as God,
That hunt is for love

For I have loved them in numberless forms,
In numberless times,
I once told one that I will love her forever
That death is not the end,
But son,
That was where I died.

For women are like MTN subscription,
Just like empty hen,
They leave your pot of affections troubled,
They leave you panting like the deer or David,
Immediately you look into their eyes,and squeeze in your desires like a dart,
telling them how much you care,
How much you call them dear,
Just like respelling HOW to get WHO,
Just know at this moment son,
That you have subscribed.

Women are like YouTube channels,
You keep viewing as long as you are on-line,
The day you go off-line,
You will be a Pig spelt out from Pigeon.

So listen Son
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even the love of a girl,
Who is not yet your wife,
So don’t be fooled.
Don’t get down there broken,
Don’t let nature see you,
As a boy too young to fall in love.
For a times, when you love them so much in this stock exchange,
They leave you a laughing stock.

So take this knowledge from me
For I am the man who women have humbled,
And I wear these experiences on me like Academy Badge.

Don’t open your windows
With loud cigarettes in your hands,
Popping up to your roof top,
Peeping at hymen.
Don’t go after hymen to be a high man,
But find who you are son,
And your woman will find you,
For the woman that broke my heart past years for another,
Now is scare the shadow of herself,
When I saw her last.

Dear son,
When you profess your love
And your woman wants you crucified,
Choose to be crucified at the center,
For the country behind the skirt is far better than outward appearances.
Don’t take to the left,
For you may be left behind,
Don’t take to the right,
For you may not meet her at her right angle,
Just choose to be crucified at the center.

Dear son,
Women are like data consumers.
They know more about you
To the place you will be buried when you die,
Even your Metadata,
But you can only know their name and phone number son,
That is even if that one too is correct.
When you subscribe to their channel for a month,
My son, they limit you to two weeks.

Dear son,
I read from the holy books in your hands,
That the messiah was a polygamist,
That He loved Rose and Sharon
To become the Rose of Sharon,
So if you wish to marry two women,
Just be prepared to be the president of two countries,
And son,
Imagine one of them being, Nigeria.
Even the writer of the book,
Understanding women,
Died with a broken home.

So son,
You can never understand them,
This is life
This is life and death. The air that led you out,
Brought me in.
This is the moment son
When a man finds himself
Surprisingly unprepared to die,
Especially when you look into her eyes,
And squeeze it in and say,

Women are beautiful creatures son,
This poem does not require your review,
Just press subscribe and bring your lady home,
For I am a man full of age
In experiences,
Full of badges.

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