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Poetry is a lovely way of expressing yourself. The abstraction of poetry evokes a variety of feelings and emotions like no other genre of writing. Poetry is said to have first appeared with the “Epic of Gilgamesh” around 2000 B.C., however it is possible that poetry existed long before literacy spread. Various styles of poetry have been popular in different ages and have experienced changes. The primary objective of poetry, from sonnets to rap lyrics, has remained the same: to examine the human condition and inspire emotion via words. Poetry resonates with humanity’s existential challenges, eliciting deep-seated concepts.

Every year on March 21, World Poetry Day honours a language expression with which people of all cultures may identify. Poetry may be found in every nation’s history, and it ties us together through shared ideals and compassion. Even the most simple of poetry may elicit a response.

On the occasion of its 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999, UNESCO suggested and established the day to “provide fresh recognition and energy to national, regional, and worldwide poetry movements.” Through this day, the group sought to promote poetry celebrations throughout the world, preserve endangered languages, and stimulate creative expression.

Poets from the past and present are recognized, and oral poetry recitation traditions are recreated. Poetry is encouraged to be read, written, and taught, and it has merged with other forms of expression such as music, dancing, art, and more.

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Poems are for people of all ages

People are sometimes afraid to try poetry because they believe it is difficult to comprehend. But don’t worry, there’s a poem for you out there! Are you considering downsizing your life and taking some time to unwind? Read Henry David Thoreau’s writings. Do you want to read a book about success and overcoming adversity? Maya Angelou is a good example. Do you want something ridiculous to bring back memories of your childhood? Take a look at Shel Silverstein’s work: “Be an early early bird if you’re a bird.” If you’re a worm, though, sleep late.”

We are surrounded with poetry

Are you a major music fan? Then you’re a poetry aficionado! Poetry has the same tempo and rhythms as music. Songs, like poetry, communicate emotional messages and meanings with the addition of a few more rhythms and melodies. They even use many of the same literary tropes, such as metaphors and alliteration.

It ushers in a new generation of poets

Teachers and classrooms all across the globe commemorate World Poetry Day by honouring poets and poems, as well as getting their pupils interested about the writing style. New and rising poets can try out their work and display their abilities at poetry competitions, poetry slams, and readings.


1. Make a poetry

What better way to honour and encourage poetry than by creating a poem yourself? If you’re not sure where to begin, start with anything tiny. A haiku is a three-line poetry with five, seven, and five syllables in each line. Haikus can be light-hearted or sombre, and they usually centre on nature. Try your hand at free verse once you’ve mastered that. Perhaps a poem dedicated to your hidden love?

2. Attend the Aba Poetry Club’s Poetry Event at the Museum of Colonial Memories

Attend the Aba Poetry poetry event dedicated to honouring poetry. The club organizes seminars and workshops for poets. The theme for this year’s word poetry day is ‘The Role of Poetry in Traditional Igbo Society’. There will be a talk on ‘Self-Publishing‘ by Jaachi Anyatonwu, the Editor-in-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Also, the event will feature spoken word poetry, poetry, and short story readings. Don’t miss this. See flier for details, or click here to join on Facebook.


3. Organize a poetry slam

Bring your best literary pals together for a night of fun and rhymes. Prepare to provide snaps to the performers by transforming your home area into a makeshift coffee store. Friends might choose to read one of their own writings or a favourite piece by another author. There are no awards required (unless you want to get competitive!) – simply gather to partake in the joy of poetry.


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