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I know a city
Made from clay
In local styles
And modern textiles

A walled town
From Kampagi hill
Runs Kubbani river
Within a pregnant Empire

Tudun Wada, Sabon Gari, Wusasa
A center for market traders
Travellers and hawkers
Far, near and beyond

The eye of Arewa dominates
Men and women
Of supernatural affluence
Folklores and folktales

under the sheets

Fearless daughter of Nikatau
Who sharpened swords
Led men to war
And roared till the drop of her blood

The myth of Bayajidda
That fathered Bawo
Who grew the seed ‘Zazzau’
Right from fifteen – thirty – six

I will tell you about Anguwan Kahu
Where cottons make pillows
Mattresses and Horse shirts
The home of handmade art

A garden for all
East, West, South
Ate from it’s tree
Then planted wisdom

Sardauna of Sokoto
Gathered sticks
And built a castle
‘Ahmadu Bello University’

Tafawa Balewa
A product of Barewa College
Where minds are moulded
Into crafts like sculptures

I know a city
It rains down peanuts
Shea butters
Hides and skins

I have seen
Greener pastures
Sat by the roadside
Of Kwangila

The saturated crowd
Wear crowns of hope
Both young and old
On Kaftans and Atampa

Mortals and pestles
Are never strangers
In every household
Within and across

Way before my fathers
Man Shanu and Daddawa
Are best couples
In Miyan Kuka

If I speak of language
The soil will echo “Hausa”
Even with a morsel
The origin will not fade

I know a city
An ancient city
The walls do not break
And it’s culture evergreen

It fell then rose
And birthed
Another reign
Birnin Zaria!

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